28 Inspirational Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes To Live By

I go to sleep early on Sundays because I am so eager to start working Monday morning. I don't think anybody should be like me. Boy are there enormous amounts of pressures and sacrifices that I recognize are just not healthy or valuable to anybody else, but it's also not healthy or valuable to me to do some of the things that you want me to do. Like, it's not fun for me to work 9-5.

For those Monday mornings when your or your team are looking a little bleary-eyed, play this one-minute motivational video from Shia LaBeouf. The social media marketing expert also added, No matter what you're selling, no matter what your company does, if you don't have a video marketing strategy for the biggest video platforms, you are going to lose.

So please show me the people who didn't have head starts. Gary explained how he actually loved losing and Black Coffee agreed with him, saying he felt bad for the losers every check here time he won. Though his site, , is for entrepreneurs and businesses, his motivational style can benefit anyone.

Born into a poverty stricken family in a small former Soviet Union town, Gary arrived in the USA unable to speak a word of English and with no other choice but to work really, really hard. What he says is actually real, cause when some of us reach that crisis point where time in the major factor, we either give up or push towards opportunities.

Leaders need these three things to make people's work meaning full. Gary promotes engagement through The #AskGaryVee Show on YouTube, where he answers questions about marketing, social media and entrepreneurship directed at him on his blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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